are you on pinterest??

Are you on pinterest? it’s SO GREAT!

you know when you come across something on the internet and you bookmark the page for future reference? then you have all these bookmarks and it takes ages to find what you’re looking for… pinterest is a visual equivalent of the bookmark. When you find something that you want to ‘pin’ onto your board (and you can have different categories of pinboard), you click ‘pin it’ – a widget that downloads onto your web browser toolbar when you sign up – and it gets added to your pinboard of choice. you can add contacts so that you can look at other people’s pinboards and all of the pins are linked back to the original website. it’s the best.

but enough chit-chat… want to have a look? (if you click on the picture, it should take you to my pinboard – do let me know if it doesn’t – you might have to log in…)

if you’re on there, come and find me! If you’re not, it only takes a short while to sign up for an invite and get started pinning.


update! here’s a link to an interview with one of the creators of pinterest…

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